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Who is Butterfly Rose Oldham?

Butterfly Rose Oldham, at 24, is the daughter of American actress Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham, growing up alongside her sister AjaBleu, she’s been no stranger to the limelight. There’s something captivating about Butterfly Rose, perhaps a reflection of her mother’s grace. While she inherits her parents’ creative talents, she’s still in the process of carving out her own identity beyond her famous lineage. With a blend of her parents’ traits, she possesses a unique charm, a mix of beauty, charisma, and a hint of mystery. As she navigates adulthood, Butterfly Rose stands as a testament to her family’s legacy in the entertainment industry while crafting her own narrative.

The Early Life of Butterfly Rose Oldham

Butterfly Oldham was born on October 19, 1998, right in the heart of Los Angeles, the youngest member of the Oldham family, born to the talented actress Kimberly Elise and her husband Maurice Clifton Oldham. Proud of her Afro-American heritage, Butterfly grew up immersed in the vibrant culture of her roots. Alongside her older sister, AjaBleu, she embarked on childhood adventures that forged a strong bond between them.

Her educational journey was nothing short of remarkable, spanning continents and cultures. It began with a stint at the College of Paris, where she delved into the rich tapestry of European academia. Later, she continued her studies at The New School in Manhattan, where the hustle and bustle of city life became her classroom. Throughout it all, Butterfly was enveloped in a blanket of love and warmth, nurtured by her parents who ensured she had every opportunity to explore her interests and pursue her dreams.


Full NameButterfly Rose Oldham
Famous asKimberly Elise’s Daughter
Date of BirthOctober 19, 1998
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA
Zodiac SignLibra
ProfessionMarketing Manager
Current ResidencyUnited States of America
Marital StatusIn a Relationship
PartnerKashan Jabari Fields
FatherMaurice Oldham
MotherKimberly Elise
SiblingAjaBleu Oldham
GrandparentsMaurice Clifton Oldham, Mamie Oldham, Erma Jean Johnson Trammel, and Marvin Trammel
EthnicityAfrican American
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net Worth$2 million

Education Butterfly Rose Oldham

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s educational journey has been as diverse as her cultural background. It kicked off with an exciting chapter at the College of Paris, where she immersed herself in the rich tapestry of European academia, exploring a world far from home. This global experience sparked her curiosity and ignited a passion for exploring new horizons.

Later, she continued her studies at The New School in Manhattan, a bustling hub of creativity and diversity. Surrounded by the vibrant energy of one of the world’s cultural epicenters, Butterfly Rose thrived, seizing every precious opportunity to learn and grow.

Throughout her educational adventures, Butterfly Rose showcased not only her intellectual curiosity but also her openness to different perspectives. Each step of her journey was marked by a commitment to expanding her horizons and broadening how she interprets the world around her. Armed with newfound knowledge and skills, she stands ready to make a meaningful impact in whichever path she chooses to pursue.

Age, Height, Weight Butterfly Rose Oldham

Born on October 19, 1998, Butterfly Rose Oldham is a 24-year-old Libra, embodying a captivating blend of grace and charm. Standing at 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighing approximately 50 kilograms, she carries herself with a striking presence that leaves a lasting impression. Her flowing dark hair frames her face, accentuating the warmth of her smile, while her deep, mesmerizing dark brown eyes seem to hold a multitude of stories within them.

Aside from her physical attributes, it’s Butterfly Rose’s captivating personality that truly draws people in. There’s an irresistible charm about her that illuminates any room she walks into, effortlessly captivating everyone around her. Whether engaged in conversation or simply observing her surroundings, she exudes an aura of confidence and authenticity that is both refreshing and inspiring. In every interaction, she leaves a lasting impression, leaving others enchanted and eager to learn more about the fascinating individual she is.

Personal life Butterfly Rose Oldham

In her personal life, Butterfly Rose Oldham exudes warmth and authenticity, reflecting the love and support she received from her family while growing up. Despite being born into the spotlight as the daughter of renowned actress Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham, she has managed to maintain a grounded approach to life. Butterfly Rose treasures her relationships deeply, evident in her close bond with her sister, AjaBleu Oldham, and her partner, Kashan Jabari Fields.

While her professional achievements as a Marketing Director showcase her dedication and ambition, it’s her genuine interactions that truly define her. Whether she’s spending quality time with loved ones or pursuing her passions outside of work, Butterfly Rose savors every moment and embraces life with enthusiasm. Her commitment to authenticity and her ability to balance her personal and professional life serve as an inspiration to those around her, establishing her not only as the daughter of Hollywood royalty but also as a genuine and compassionate individual carving her own path in the world.

Kimberly Elise: Butterfly’s Mother Oldham Rose

Born on April 17, 1967, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Kimberly Elise Hamper emerged as a talented American actress, leaving a lasting impact on both the film and media industries. Her breakthrough came with a captivating performance in the 1996 hit film “Set It Off,” propelling her into the spotlight. Since then, she has consistently delivered stellar performances, earning critical acclaim for her roles, especially in the film “Beloved.”

Beyond her illustrious career, Kimberly is a devoted mother to her two children, Butterfly Rose Oldham and AjaBleu Oldham, whom she shares with her husband Maurice Oldham. Family holds a special place in her heart, and she takes pride in nurturing and supporting her children as they carve their own paths in life.

In addition to her acting prowess, Kimberly engages with her audience through online entertainment platforms like Instagram, offering glimpses into her life and sharing insights with her followers. Her presence in the digital sphere further solidifies her status as a respected and influential figure in the entertainment industry, showcasing her multifaceted talents and unwavering dedication to her craft and her loved ones.

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s Father: Maurice Oldham

Born on December 30, 1958, in Princeton, New Jersey, Maurice Oldham was more than just a name in the world of photography; he was a storyteller through his lens. Though primarily known as the former husband of the renowned actress Kimberly Elise, Maurice’s talents extended far beyond mere snapshots. His work behind the camera captured moments of raw emotion and profound beauty, leaving a lasting impression on those who experienced his artistry.

Sadly, his life came to an end on May 21, 2007, in Los Angeles, California, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire. Beyond his photography, Maurice brought his creative vision to various film projects, lending his unique perspective to movies like “Woman Thou Art Loosed” (2004) and “A Man Walks Into a Bar” (1997). His artistic sensibilities and dedication to his craft left an enduring impact on the entertainment industry, reminding us that true artistry transcends boundaries and endures long after the artist is gone.

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s Parents’ Relationship

The bond between Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham was a tapestry woven with threads of love, companionship, and the inevitable challenges that life brings. Their journey began in 1989, exchanging vows and embarking on a marriage that endured for over a decade. Together, they welcomed two beautiful daughters into the world, creating a family filled with warmth and joy.

However, like many relationships, theirs faced its share of trials, ultimately leading to their separation in 2005. The reasons for their decision to part ways remain private, shrouded in mystery and speculation. Despite the end of their romantic partnership, they remained committed to co-parenting their daughters, providing them with love and support during a time of transition.

Sadly, Maurice Oldham’s passing in 2007 cast a shadow of grief over their family, leaving behind a void that could never be filled. In the aftermath of their separation and his difficult death, Kimberly Elise navigated the complexities of grief while continuing to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. Amid life’s ups and downs, she found comfort and strength in her work, channeling her emotions into her performances and embracing the potential opportunities that lay ahead.

Following her divorce, Kimberly Elise explored new intimate relationships, including a significant connection with actor Shemar Moore from 2004 to 2005. Despite the twists and turns in her personal life, Kimberly Elise remained steadfast in her commitment to growth, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness.

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s Sibling: AjaBleu Oldham

AjaBleu Oldham, the daughter of Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham, embodies a sense of curiosity and exploration that defines her life’s journey. Born on March 16, 1990, she has embraced her 33 years with a dedication to discovery and a commitment to both personal and professional pursuits.

Growing up amidst the vibrant culture of Los Angeles, AjaBleu’s childhood was colored by the richness and creativity of her surroundings. Her educational path led her to Hollywood, where she delved into the realms of art history at The American University of Paris. Immersed in the tapestry of cultural heritage, AjaBleu developed a strong fascination with ethnic representations, exploring the nuances and complexities of portrayal within the art world.

Beyond the academic realm, AjaBleu has carved out her own niche in the digital sphere, utilizing her platform on Instagram under the handle @ajableubird to advocate for Black-owned beauty products and celebrate the beauty of diversity. Her influential presence in the virtual space serves as a catalyst for empowerment and inclusivity, inspiring others to embrace their unique identities and celebrate their heritage.

In addition to her advocacy work, AjaBleu is an avid traveler and content creator, sharing her adventures and insights through her travel blog, “Ajableu.com.” With a focus on accessible luxury and beauty, she invites her audience to explore the world through her eyes, uncovering hidden treasures and embracing the joy of discovery.

Through her diverse endeavors, AjaBleu Oldham continues to make waves, championing causes close to her heart and inspiring others to pursue their passions boldly. As she navigates life’s twists and turns, AjaBleu remains a beacon of creativity, resilience, and unwavering authenticity.

Tragic Death of Butterfly Rose’s Father

For Butterfly Rose Oldham, May 21, 2007, marked a pivotal moment in her young life. At just 8 years old, she faced the devastating loss of her father, Maurice Oldham, who tragically passed away at the age of 48 due to a severe blood clot. The suddenness of his death left a profound void in Butterfly Rose’s world, a void that felt impossible to fill.

Amidst grief and mourning, friends and family gathered to honor Maurice’s memory at a memorial service held at the Agape Worldwide Spiritual Center. It was a solemn yet meaningful occasion for Butterfly Rose, a moment where she confronted the reality of her father’s absence and grappled with the emotions that accompanied it. Though Maurice may have departed from this world too soon, his presence continues to be deeply felt in the hearts of those who loved him, especially his cherished daughter, Butterfly Rose, who carries his memory with her as she navigates life’s journey.

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s Career

In her professional journey, Butterfly Rose Oldham embodies unwavering dedication and passion, both in her career and within her community. Currently serving as a marketing manager at Bernstein Financial Services Inc., she brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to her role, shaping the company’s strategic direction and market positioning. Prior to this position, Butterfly honed her skills in marketing strategies while working for Kimberly Elise Natural Living, where she played a pivotal role in developing and executing significant marketing campaigns.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Butterfly is deeply committed to giving back to her community. Actively involved in charitable efforts, she has devoted her considerable time and energy to contributing to the Humboldt State University’s Cultural Resource Center (CRC), where she has made a significant impact through her support and involvement.

Through her work and community engagement, Butterfly Rose Oldham embodies a holistic approach to success, blending her professional expertise with a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Her enduring commitment to excellence and her dedication to serving others serve as an inspiration to everyone around her, showcasing the remarkable power of passion, purpose, and perseverance.

Loss of Butterfly Rose’s Pet

In May 2018, Butterfly Rose Oldham faced one of the most heart-wrenching decisions that pet lovers dread. Her beloved companion, Kyla, had been bravely battling a myriad of health issues, from arthritis to cancer and fluid buildup in her abdomen. Despite the love and care showered upon her, it became evident that Kyla’s suffering outweighed her quality of life. With heavy hearts, Butterfly made the difficult decision to ease Kyla’s pain and bid her a peaceful farewell.

The loss of a cherished pet like Kyla leaves an indelible mark on the heart, and Butterfly undoubtedly holds dear the memories of their shared moments. While the sorrow of saying goodbye may linger, the decision to prioritize Kyla’s comfort and well-being stands as a testament to Butterfly’s compassion and enduring devotion to her furry companion.

Butterfly Rose Oldham Net Worth

Butterfly Rose Oldham prefers to keep her financial matters private, choosing not to disclose her net worth. However, her mother, Kimberly Elise, has certainly made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, amassing significant wealth through her acting career. As of around 2023, Kimberly’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, a testament to her talent and hard work throughout her successful professional journey. While Butterfly Rose may opt to keep her financial details under wraps, her family’s financial success serves as a reminder of the rewards that come with dedication and perseverance in the world of entertainment.

Who is Butterfly Rose Oldham Dating?

In November 2019, Butterfly Rose Oldham took to Facebook with a heartfelt post, sharing with her friends and followers the fresh insight into her relationship with Kashan Jabari Fields, a native of Jacksonville, Florida. Since then, the couple has chosen to keep their love life relatively private, opting for a more laid-back approach to their relationship.

Kashan Fields, Butterfly’s partner, hails from Norfolk, Virginia, and currently works at NextGen Virginia. His educational journey took him from Kempsville High to Western Branch High School, and eventually to Virginia State University, where he graduated. Despite their busy lives and individual careers, the bond between Butterfly and Kashan remains strong, shining through even amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Family Background: Butterfly Rose Oldham, born on October 19, 1998, is the daughter of American actress Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham.

Early Life: Growing up alongside her sister AjaBleu, Butterfly Rose was exposed to the limelight from a young age, inheriting her parents’ creative talents.

Educational Journey: She pursued her education at the College of Paris and later at The New School in Manhattan, displaying a commitment to exploring new horizons and broadening her perspectives.

Career: Butterfly Rose currently serves as a marketing manager at Bernstein Financial Services Inc., demonstrating unwavering dedication and passion in her professional endeavors.

Personal Life: She maintains a relatively private personal life but shared insights into her relationship with Kashan Jabari Fields, a native of Jacksonville, Florida, in November 2019.


What is Butterfly Rose Oldham’s age?

Butterfly Rose Oldham was born on October 19, 1998, making her 25 years old.

What is Butterfly Rose Oldham’s profession?

Butterfly Rose Oldham currently works as a marketing manager at Bernstein Financial Services Inc.

Who are Butterfly Rose Oldham’s parents?

Butterfly Rose Oldham is the daughter of American actress Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham.

Is Butterfly Rose Oldham in a relationship?

Yes, Butterfly Rose Oldham is in a relationship with Kashan Jabari Fields, as revealed in November 2019.

What is Butterfly Rose Oldham’s net worth?

Butterfly Rose Oldham prefers to keep her financial matters private, but her mother Kimberly Elise’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


Butterfly Rose Oldham, born into a family with a rich legacy in the entertainment industry, has carved her own path with grace and determination. From her upbringing in Los Angeles to her educational journey across continents, she has demonstrated a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to excellence. In her professional career as a marketing manager, she continues to excel, blending her expertise with a genuine desire to make a positive impact in her community. Despite her fame, Butterfly Rose values her privacy and cherishes her relationships, exemplified by her close bond with her family and her partner, Kashan Jabari Fields.

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