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Being born into a superstar family often guarantees a certain level of fame, and this is certainly true for Imani Duckett, the daughter of Jasmine Guy. This talented American actress hails from a renowned family that has significantly influenced her passion for acting. The stunning young woman has recently stepped into the entertainment industry, making a mark with her role in the film “Open.” Besides acting, Imani is also involved in modeling and hones her physical skills by taking dance classes. But how old is Imani Duckett? Currently, at 25 years old, she was born on March 28, 1999. Is her Instagram active? Let’s find out.

Who is Imani Duckett?

Imani Duckett is deeply committed to community service and uses her platform to advocate for marginalized communities. Her passion for addressing social issues highlights her desire to make a positive impact on the world. Beyond her academic pursuits and activism, Imani has also ventured into entrepreneurship. With a strong interest in fashion, she has established herself as an emerging entrepreneur in the industry. Imani has launched her own clothing line, showcasing her unique fashion sense and stylish vision. Through her brand, she aims to empower individuals to express their uniqueness and embrace their personal style.

Imani Duckett Biography

Imani Duckett grew up in the United States, immersed in the world of performing arts from an early age. With her mother, Jasmine Guy, achieving fame for her iconic role as Whitley Gilbert on the popular sitcom “A Different World,” Imani was naturally introduced to a life of creativity and expression. This early exposure to the entertainment industry has greatly influenced her path and passions.


Full NameImani Duckett
Age as of 202223
Date of Birth28 March 1999
Zodiac SignAries
BirthplaceNew York City, U.S.A
MotherJasmine Guy (dancer, actress, and singer)
FatherTerrence Duckett
GrandparentsWilliam Vincent Guy (Reverend) and Jaye Rudolph (teacher)
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark Brown
Height (cm)168
Height (feet)5’6″
Marital StatusSingle
OccupationActress, model
Net Worth$1 million

Imani Duckett Education

Imani Duckett places a high value on education and personal growth. She attended Spelman College, a historically Black women’s college in Atlanta, Georgia, where she pursued a degree in Psychology. Her studies at Spelman reflect her deep interest in understanding human behavior and the complexities of the mind.

Imani Duckett Age

Terrence Duckett, born on May 22, 1962, is currently 61 years old. Proudly American with African heritage, Terrence maintains a low profile in his personal life. Details about his childhood, parents, or siblings remain largely unknown. For his education, Terrence attended the University of Iowa, a prestigious institution with a long-standing reputation. He earned his first degree there, although the specifics of his major have not been disclosed.

Imani Duckett Height

At this point, how old is Jasmine Individual? The performer was born on Walk 10, 1962, making him roughly fifty-eight years old.Each of the remaining pieces at a height of 1.57 metres (5 feet 2 inches). She is about 59 kg in weight. Her measurements are 34, 25, and 34 inches. Her eyes are veiled and her hair is drab and dirty. 

Imani Duckett Personal life

Imani Duckett has a largely private life, keeping details about her relationships and personal hobbies hidden from prying eyes. Nevertheless, she has been spotted accompanying her mother to various honorary pathway events and public engagements, showcasing their close relationship. Imani enjoys spending time with friends and family and exploring her imagination via various creative outlets when she has additional energy.

Imani Duckett Career

The performer made her show in 1982 out of seven episodes of the TV series Reputation. She filled the role of a craftsman.

She then dealt with her eminent occupation of Whitley Gilbert in the sitcom An Other World which communicated from 1987 to 1993. Beside being a typical on the show, she formed three episodes and directed one. The series saw her prosperity six consecutive NAACP Awards.

In 1991, she appeared as Kayla on an episode of The French Sovereign of Bel-Air. The following year, she acted in Stompin’ at the Savoy.

In 1993, she appeared in Sovereign nearby the talented Halle Berry. The series was a variety of the book by Alex Haley named Sovereign: The Story of an American Family.

She continued to appear in Living Single, Beyond what many would consider possible, and The Parkers. In 2002, she began voicing the character of Ava in Cyberchase.

In 2003, she portrayed the character of Mary Estes Peters in Unchained Memories: Readings from the Slave Record.

The performer played Roxy Harvey in the series Dead Like Me. In 2005, her part in the series made her get a NAACP Picture Award choice for the class of Exceptional Supporting Performer in a Show Series. She furthermore appeared in Dead Like Me: Timeless life.

Individual was moreover seen on People Talk, a story considering the social equity of Americans. The account was communicated on The Arrangement of Encounters Channel.

From 2009 to 2017, the performer had a tedious influence as Sheila ‘Grams’ Bennett on TheVampire Diaries. In 2010, she filled the role of an adjudicator in an episode of Drop Dead Diva.

Is Jasmine Individual on Dull’s Life structures? For sure, she is. In 2019, she took care of the normal occupation of Gemma in the show series

A career in theatre and movies

The performer made her show in film in 1988. As of recently, she is generally seen for her occupation as Dina in School Shock. In 1989, she accepted the piece of Dominique La Lament in Harlem Nights.

In 1997, she voiced the character of Sawyer in Cats Don’t Move. She later appeared in October Kid, Tremendous Stone Opening, and My Nephew Emmett.

The performer was related with the Broadway making of the melodic State of honey bees. She moreover acted in manifestations like The Wiz, Top of the Pack, and Oil.

In 2010, Jasmine was named conveying manager of Kenny Leon’s Genuine Nature Theater Association, taking both creative and legitimate commitments.

A musical career

Jasmine really sought after a long lasting in music. In 1990, she conveyed her self-named assortment. That year, the assortment came to the US Top 200 Assortment Outline. She conveyed singles named Another Like My Darling, Endeavor Me, and Essentially Have to Hold You.

Imani Duckett Net Worth

Word out and about is that our master, Terrence Duckett, is roosted on an uncovered complete resources of $1.5 million. Not unnecessarily melancholy, right? He’s been gathering it together through his positions as a boss and clinical benefits master.

Could we by and by look at Jasmine Individual. She has a noteworthy measure of money; Genius Absolute resources checks her all out resources for be $4 million. The performer, entertainer, craftsman, and boss has assembled fortune through her productive livelihood. Seems to be both of them are doing perfect in the money related division!

Imani Duckett Relationship

Terrence Duckett has been continuing with a fairly tranquil presence since going through the partition cycle in 2008. Nobody truly realizes whether he’s remarried or found love elsewhere. We ought to return to some time in the past to 1987, when Trevor and Jasmine at first went totally gaga.

Eventually, August 22, 1998 came around, and the pair exchanged guarantees. They brought their daughter, Imani Duckett, into the world that very year. For a long time, the three outlined a tight family unit. However, you know, life happens, and in 2008, they called it quits, blaming those commendable past compromise contrasts.

As of now, here’s where it plans veritable — Terrence wasn’t to surrender being a dad. Right when things hit the courts on April third, he fought for joint power of Imani. Sadly, the legal dice didn’t move on the side of himself, and Jasmine and Imani set up for business in Atlanta. Regardless, they agreed to co-parent, with Terrence pushing ahead on the money related side of things.

In any case, kid support portions have been fairly hazardous beginning around 2010, as uncovered by TMZ. Regardless, for celebrities, life isn’t by and large going perfectly.


  • Early Exposure to Fame: Imani Duckett, born on March 28, 1999, is the daughter of renowned actress Jasmine Guy, known for her role as Whitley Gilbert on “A Different World.”
  • Multi-Talented: Apart from acting, Imani is involved in modeling and has a passion for dance, which she hones through dance classes.
  • Education: Imani attended Spelman College, where she pursued a degree in Psychology, reflecting her interest in understanding human behavior.
  • Entrepreneurship: Imani has ventured into entrepreneurship with her own clothing line, aiming to empower individuals to express their uniqueness through fashion.


Imani Duckett, daughter of actress Jasmine Guy, has emerged as a multi-talented individual with a passion for acting, modeling, and entrepreneurship. Raised in the United States, she was introduced to the world of performing arts at a young age, influenced by her mother’s fame. Alongside her academic pursuits, Imani is deeply committed to community service and advocacy for marginalized communities. Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her clothing line, where she aims to empower individuals through fashion.


How old is Imani Duckett?

Imani Duckett was born on March 28, 1999, making her 25 years old as of 2024.

What is Imani Duckett’s educational background?

Imani attended Spelman College, where she pursued a degree in Psychology, showcasing her interest in understanding human behavior.

What is Imani Duckett’s net worth?

As of now, there’s no specific information available about Imani Duckett’s net worth.

Is Imani Duckett active on Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is no information provided regarding Imani Duckett’s Instagram activity.

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