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Jayne Posner, a dearest American educator and previous companion, acquired conspicuousness as the ex of Neil Precious stone, the famous vocalist, musician, entertainer, and writer.

 However her name may not ring as uproariously in the amusement world, her effect and commitments are critical.

 We should dig into the existence of Jayne Posner, investigating insights concerning her age, foundation, total assets, connections, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Who is Jayne Posner?

After her split from Neil Precious stone, Jayne Posner decided to pull back from the spotlight. Without a functioning presence via virtual entertainment, finding photos of her has become a remarkable test. Nonetheless, reports propose that she’s committed herself to bringing up their youngsters, fully supported by their dad. Tragically, insights regarding her girls’ ongoing whereabouts stay subtle.

In the mean time, Neil Precious stone has left on another section in his life. Since his most memorable separation, he’s strolled down the walkway two times. Following his split from Marcia in 1994, he tracked down friendship with Rae Farley, however they never formalized their relationship. All through this period, Neil emptied his heart into his music, writing and creating tracks for his collection “Home Before Dull” while supporting Rae through her battles with constant back torment.

In an endearing turn, Neil took to Twitter in September 2011 to declare his commitment to Katie McNeil. The couple traded promises the next year, with Neil crediting their romantic tale as the dream behind his collection “Song Street.” While Jayne Posner might have blurred from general visibility, Neil Jewel keeps on entertaining the world with his music while lolling in the glow of freshly discovered love.


Jayne Posner cut out her own position at the center of attention as the primary spouse of the unbelievable performer, vocalist, and lyricist Neil Precious stone.

 Regardless of being area of the planet of a prestigious well known individual, Jayne esteemed her security regardless of anything else. She avoided the media’s glare, offering meager insights concerning her life, leaving her fans and admirers with an inquisitive void.

 In this piece, we’ll dig into what little we are familiar Jayne Posner’s biography and her association with Neil Precious stone.

Jayne Posner Education 

Jayne Posner’s underlying foundations are immovably established in the US, where she spent her early stages. In any case, she’s stayed quiet about the particulars of her birthdate, passing on her fans to ponder and estimate about her age. Her zodiac sign remaining parts a secret, adding a demeanor of interest to her persona. Jayne distinguishes as Caucasian and holds Christian strict convictions, however insights concerning her family foundation, including her folks and kin, are scant.

During her childhood, Jayne went to Abraham Lincoln Secondary School, where she finished her secondary school instruction. Past that, her scholarly excursion remains to a great extent obscure, leaving a hole in her biography that provokes interest.


83 years (as of Feb 2023)

Jayne Posner Height and Weight

Jayne Posner has consistently esteemed her security and decided to get her own life far from the public spotlight. Accordingly, insights regarding her actual appearance, like her level and weight, stay obscure. In any case, it’s been noticed that she has beautiful dim earthy colored hair and enrapturing dim earthy colored eyes, adding to her puzzling charm.

 Regardless of the absence of explicit estimations, her normal elements are without a doubt part of her novel appeal.

Jayne Posner Husband

Jayne Posner acquired distinction as Neil Jewel’s most memorable spouse, a romantic tale that started in their secondary school days. They secured the bunch in 1963 after a romance that endured quite a long while. Their association delivered two beautiful little girls, Marjorie and Elyn.

 Notwithstanding, regardless of their expectations for an enduring affection, their process together confronted difficulties, at last prompting their separation in 1969. In spite of the disintegration of their marriage, Jayne and Neil focused on keeping a positive relationship for the prosperity of their youngsters.

Personal life 

It’s conceivable that Jayne Posner has picked a vocation way that gives monetary soundness. She may be investigating different undertakings that she hasn’t imparted to the general population.

With respect to Neil Precious stone, he’s positively influenced the music business. With a profession crossing more than 60 years, Neil has sold north of 100 million collections around the world. Hits like “Sweet Caroline,” “I’m… I Said,” and “Everlastingly in Pants” have hardened his status as an unbelievable performer, vocalist, and lyricist. Jayne’s relationship with Neil adds an intriguing aspect to her own story, despite the fact that she might be zeroing in on her own interests now.


From what we know, Jayne Posner’s vocation process isn’t broadly archived. 

Nonetheless, thinking of her as spotlight on bringing up her children and carrying on with a confidential existence post her split from Neil Precious stone, it’s logical she sought after different ways from the public eye.

Contemplating her experience and the time she resided in, Jayne could play embraced conventional parts like being a homemaker, guardian, or investigating a vocation irrelevant to showbiz.

While we don’t have substantial insights concerning her expert life, obviously Jayne put her family regardless of anything else. She decided to avoid the spotlight, devoting herself to bringing up her little girls close by Neil Jewel.

In creating an article or history about Jayne, it’d be crucial for feature her obligation to family and her decision to keep up with protection in the midst of her previous spouse’s distinction. 

Furthermore, you could reveal insight into her job as a mother and the help she gave to her little girls as they traveled through life.

Jayne Posner Net worth 

In January 2023, Jayne Posner’s assessed total assets sits at around $500 thousand. While that isn’t anything to laugh at, particularly for most people, it’s a long ways from her ex Neil Jewel’s powerful total assets of $200 million. Neil’s fortune, amassed from his renowned lifetime as a vocalist, writer, and performer, places him without equal.

Looking at the two figures truly places into viewpoint the glaring difference between their monetary standings. While Jayne’s total assets mirrors her own undertakings and achievements, Neil’s abundance features the massive achievement he’s accomplished all through his profession in the music business.

It’s a demonstration of the various ways their lives took post-separate, with Neil’s proceeded with unmistakable quality in the diversion world adding to his significant total assets, while Jayne zeroed in on different parts of her life beyond the public eye.


Jayne Posner and Neil Precious stone’s romantic tale started in secondary school, where they initially met and ignited an association that went on for quite a long time. Subsequent to dating for quite a while, they chose to venture out into marriage in 1963, encompassed by their friends and family. Their association delivered two beautiful kids, Marjorie and Elyn Jewel, who without a doubt gave pleasure into their lives.

In any case, regardless of their endeavors to make it work, their marriage experienced difficulties, prompting their partition in 1967. Ultimately, they pursued the hard decision to authoritatively separate from on November 25, 1969. In spite of the termination of their heartfelt friendship, they stayed focused on co-nurturing their kids, guaranteeing that their girls had normal contact with their dad, Neil Jewel.

Facts about Jayne Posner:

  • Jayne Posner gained prominence as the first wife of Neil Diamond, the iconic singer, songwriter, actor, and composer.
  • Despite being married to a public figure, Jayne preferred to keep her personal life private and avoided media attention.
  • Her marriage to Neil Diamond produced two daughters, Marjorie and Elyn.
  • Jayne and Neil divorced in 1969 after facing challenges in their relationship.
  • Despite the end of their romantic involvement, Jayne and Neil remained committed to co-parenting their children.
  • Jayne’s current whereabouts and career path are not extensively documented, indicating her preference for a private life away from the public eye.


 Jayne Posner, the former wife of Neil Diamond, lived a life largely out of the public spotlight despite her association with a renowned celebrity. Her marriage to Neil produced two daughters, and while their romantic relationship faced challenges leading to divorce, they maintained an amicable relationship for the sake of their children. Jayne’s current endeavors and whereabouts remain undisclosed, reflecting her commitment to privacy and family life.


What is Jayne Posner known for?

Jayne Posner gained recognition as the first wife of Neil Diamond.

How many children did Jayne Posner have with Neil Diamond?

Jayne and Neil Diamond had two daughters named Marjorie and Elyn.

When did Jayne Posner and Neil Diamond divorce?

Jayne and Neil divorced in 1969.

What is Jayne Posner’s current net worth?

As of January 2023, Jayne Posner’s estimated net worth is around $500 thousand.

Is Jayne Posner currently active in the public eye?

No, Jayne Posner has chosen to live a private life away from the public eye, and her current activities are not widely known.

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