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Josh Winterhalt is most popular as the spouse of Sarah Wayne Callies, the entertainer renowned for her jobs in Network programs, for example, “Jail Break” and “The Strolling Dead.” 

Brought into the world on August 18, 1975, in the US, Josh is a military craftsman by calling. He and Sarah got hitched on July 21, 2002, and have been together from that point forward. Regardless of being a confidential individual, Josh has acquired a public consideration because of his better half’s distinction.

Notwithstanding his combative techniques vocation, Josh Winterhalt purportedly has an expected total assets of $2 million. This part of his life is very astonishing, given his position of safety and the specific idea of his calling. Two or three has fabricated a coexistence that offsets their vocations with family, mirroring serious areas of strength for a that has persevered throughout the long term.


Josh Winterhalt is a cultivated American blended military craftsman and MMA teacher, most popular as the spouse of Sarah Wayne Callies, the entertainer from “Jail Break” and “The Strolling Dead.”

 Dissimilar to numerous who could use their accomplice’s notoriety, Josh has decided to keep a position of safety, having an exceptionally confidential existence. 

Regardless of being in the public eye because of his marriage, little is had some significant awareness of him actually, as he likes to avoid the spotlight and spotlight on his own profession and family.

Josh Winterhalt’s Net Worth and Salary

Josh Winterhalt, a skilled blended military craftsman and MMA instructor, has an expected total assets running between $2 million and $4 million, however the specific figure changes across sources. Notwithstanding his noteworthy riches, insights concerning his kinds of revenue, pay, and income stay undisclosed. In contrast to numerous in the public eye, Josh keeps a position of safety and likes to keep his monetary data hidden.

Josh is hitched to entertainer Sarah Wayne Callies, known for her parts in “Jail Break” and “The Strolling Dead.” Sarah is more open about her funds, with an expected total assets of $3 million, acquiring great many dollars per episode. Together, they structure a power couple with a consolidated total assets of roughly $5 million.

While Sarah’s monetary subtleties are indisputable, including her income per episode, Josh’s way of life remains generally private. Data about his vehicles, home, and other individual subtleties isn’t openly accessible, highlighting his inclination for security notwithstanding his critical total assets.


oshua Michael Winterhalt, brought into the world in August 1975 in New Hampshire, is a conspicuous American blended military master and MMA teacher. He is completely viewed as the mate of Sarah Wayne Callies, the entertainer prominent for her situations in “Departure” and “The Strolling Dead.”

Following to finishing discretionary school, Josh went to Dartmouth School, a Five star level examination school in Hanover, New Hampshire. It was there, in the last piece of the 1990s, that he met Sarah Wayne Callies. The couple wedded on July 21, 2002, and later moved to Canada..Josh has created an employment as a tactical skilled worker and educator, planning students in various doing combating methodologies and setting them up for hand to hand battling contentions. His mastery and commitment have made him a regarded figure in the MMA people group.

Five years into their marriage, Josh and Sarah invited their most memorable youngster, a little girl named Keala, in August 2007. Presently 15, Keala is by all accounts emulating her mom’s example. She made her film debut in 2014 with a job in the activity spine chiller “Into The Tempest” and later played Mya Sanders in the 2019 TV miniseries “Unspeakable.”

Josh’s life, however frequently eclipsed by his better half’s popularity, is set apart by his own critical achievements and the affectionate family he imparts to Sarah and their little girl Keala.


47 years old

Josh Winterhalt Early Life

Josh Winterhalt was brought into the world on May 21, 1974, in the US. Encountering youth in a genuine local area, he encouraged an energy for hand to hand battling almost immediately.As a kid, he started rehearsing karate and immediately became captivated with the game. His folks, perceiving his excitement and ability, urged him to seek after hand to hand fighting further.

By his adolescent years, Josh was at that point contending in local competitions and procuring awards. Be that as it may, he considered hand to hand fighting to be something other than a serious game. He became captivated by different battling styles, including kickboxing and Muay Thai. His excursion into combative techniques took a huge turn when he found Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). His interest with BJJ drove him to travel broadly all through Brazil, where he prepared under the absolute most regarded BJJ mentors.

Close by his hand to hand fighting preparation, Josh sought after scholastic interests. He went to school and concentrated on English writing, which gave him a solid starting point for narrating. This novel blend of athletic and scholarly pursuits later affected his way to deal with activity movement and educating.

Josh Winterhalt’s life mirrors a profound obligation to hand to hand fighting and consistent getting the hang of, mixing his affection for actual discipline with scholarly development. His excursion from an unassuming community youngster to a talented military craftsman and teacher is a demonstration of his devotion and enthusiasm for the specialty.

Josh Winterhalt Professional Life: Career

Josh Winterhalt is an expert military craftsman with a degree in combative techniques. He uses his skill by showing hand to hand fighting and self-protection methods. As per different sources, Josh likewise works at an exercise center, where he imparts his insight into hand to hand fighting to his understudies.

Notwithstanding being hitched to American entertainer Sarah Wayne Callies, Josh keeps a position of safety and keeps insights regarding his expert life and income private. He likes to avoid the spotlight, just showing up on honorary pathway and at other lofty occasions close by his better half. His inclination for protection reaches out to his internet based presence, as he isn’t dynamic via virtual entertainment, making it challenging to dive more deeply into him.

Indeed, even with his held nature, Josh partakes in a satisfying existence with his better half and two youngsters. Together, they share an agreeable total assets, purportedly in the large numbers, and carry on with a blissful and prosperous existence.

Josh Winterhalt Education:

Josh Winterhalt finished his examinations at Dartmouth School in Hanover, New Hampshire, where he procured a four year college education in hand to hand fighting

Josh Winterhalt Career

Josh Winterhalt’s expert process is set apart by momentous accomplishments, however not in figure skating, but rather in hand to hand fighting. Notwithstanding a misguided judgment about his contribution in figure skating, Winterhalt has committed his vocation to combative techniques.

He fostered an energy for combative techniques quite early in life, beginning with karate and in the end extending his skill to other battling styles like kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Winterhalt’s commitment drove him to travel widely, including preparing under eminent Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mentors in Brazil.

Winterhalt sought after advanced education at Dartmouth School in Hanover, New Hampshire, where he procured a four year certification in hand to hand fighting. This scholarly foundation supplemented his pragmatic abilities and established the groundwork for his vocation as a military craftsman and teacher.

He is presently known for showing hand to hand fighting and self-protection strategies, both in exercise centers and through confidential guidance. In spite of not being a conspicuous figure in media outlets, Winterhalt once in a while shows up at honorary pathway occasions and other lofty get-togethers close by his better half, entertainer Sarah Wayne Callies.

Josh Winterhalt likes to keep his own and proficient life hidden, keeping a position of safety and staying away from virtual entertainment. He centers around living a cheerful, prosperous existence with his better half and their two kids, while proceeding to impart his energy for combative techniques to his understudies.


Josh Winterhalt and his significant other, Sarah Wayne Callies, are pleased guardians of two youngsters. Their most memorable kid, a girl named Keala Winterhalt, was brought into the world in August 2007. Keala has proactively started to emulate her mom’s example in media outlets.

 At only seven years of age, she made her film debut in the activity thrill ride “Into the Tempest” in 2014, where she assumed the part of Beauty. In 2019, Keala showed up as Mya Sanders in the TV miniseries “Unspeakable,” displaying her ability and proceeding with her initial acting vocation.

Josh Winterhalt Family:

Josh Winterhalt’s own life remains to a great extent private, with restricted data accessible about his folks and kin. He hasn’t shared a lot of about his childhood, including where he grew up or whether he has any kin.

Be that as it may, we really do know a piece about his more distant family. His father by marriage, David E. Callies, is a regarded regulation teacher at the College of Hawaii, while his mother by marriage, Valerie Wayne, is a refined English teacher at a similar organization. Regardless of the absence of insights concerning his own family, Josh is plainly essential for a refined and scholarly circle.

Josh Winterhalt Relationship

Josh Winterhalt’s family is a wonderful mix of adoration and harmony. His significant other, Sarah Wayne Callies, and their two kids, Keala and Oakes, structure the core of their home. Their process started at Dartmouth School during the 1990s, where Josh and Sarah previously ran into each other. Their association bloomed into marriage on July 21, 2002, denoting the start of their common experience.

Their oldest, Keala, welcomed happiness into their lives on July 20, 2007, adding chuckling and love to their loved ones. Furthermore, in August 2013, they invited their child, Oakes, into their arms, finishing their family circle. Together, they left on another part in Canada, where they keep on sustaining their bond and make valued recollections as a family.

Josh Winterhalt Social Media:

Josh Winterhalt values his security and decides to avoid web-based entertainment stages like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Not at all like his better half, Sarah Wayne Callies, who has a huge following on Instagram, Josh likes to keep his own life out of the public eye. 

He seldom goes with Sarah to public occasions, picking rather to zero in on his family and vocation in the background. This choice mirrors his longing to keep a feeling of security and realness in an undeniably computerized world.


  • Profession: Josh Winterhalt is a martial artist and MMA instructor.
  • Marriage to Sarah Wayne Callies: He married actress Sarah Wayne Callies in 2002, and they have been together since.
  • Net Worth: Winterhalt’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 million and $4 million.
  • Privacy: Despite his wife’s fame, Winterhalt prefers to keep a low profile and maintain privacy in his personal life.
  • Family: Winterhalt and Callies have two children, Keala and Oakes, and prioritize family life alongside their careers.


Josh Winterhalt, a skilled martial artist and MMA instructor, is best known as the spouse of actress Sarah Wayne Callies, renowned for her roles in TV shows like “Prison Break” and “The Walking Dead.” Despite his low-key demeanor, Winterhalt has attracted public attention due to his wife’s fame. With a net worth estimated between $2 million and $4 million, Winterhalt maintains a private life despite his significant wealth. His career in martial arts and MMA training, along with his commitment to family, reflects a balanced and fulfilling life.


Who is Josh Winterhalt?

Josh Winterhalt is a martial artist and MMA instructor, best known as the husband of actress Sarah Wayne Callies.

What is Josh Winterhalt’s net worth?

Josh Winterhalt’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 million and $4 million.

How did Josh Winterhalt and Sarah Wayne Callies meet?

They met while attending Dartmouth College in the late 1990s and got married on July 21, 2002.

Does Josh Winterhalt have children?

Yes, Josh Winterhalt and Sarah Wayne Callies have two children, Keala and Oakes.

Is Josh Winterhalt active on social media?

No, Josh Winterhalt values his privacy and does not have a presence on social media platforms.

What is Josh Winterhalt’s profession?

Josh Winterhalt is a martial artist and MMA instructor, dedicating his career to teaching and training in martial arts.

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