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A notable couple in American mainstream society was Korina Harrison and Corey Harrison, who can be perceived from the famous network show Pawn Stars.Their marriage was lucky and another part in their lives started when they became parents.But they had a rough beginning to their marriage, and their special night was fleeting; they separated from following a year.

On account of her association with Corey, Korina — otherwise called Kiki — keeps on arousing the curiosity of the overall population regardless of the short term of their association. We will analyze Corey Harrison’s confidential life in the accompanying conversation, revealing insight into less popular parts of his life beyond his TV persona.

Who is Korina Harrison?

With her Caucasian legacy, Korina, who hails from the bright city of San Diego, California, epitomizes the American soul. Her name, Korina, and that signifies “Woman” in Greek, loans a hint of class to her persona. She spent most of her life as a youngster, lovingly alluded to as Kiki, investigating the energetic San Diego roads and taking in the glow and energy of her environmental elements.

Korina Harrison Biography

The explanation Korina Harrison, frequently known as Kiki, turned out to be notable was a result of her union with Corey Harrison, a famous person from the Network program “Pawn Stars.” Despite the fact that Korina was brought up in San Diego, California, where she acknowledged her Caucasian-American character, she was brought into the world in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her name, Korina, holds Greek starting points, suggesting “Lady,” adding a smidgen of ease to her persona. Korina’s initial life and schooling stay a secret, regardless of the spotlight that her relationship with Corey has brought to the public’s consideration. Corey and Korina’s lives became entwined as they became guardians after their marriage.But their delightful marriage was fleeting — they split after only a year.

From that point forward, Korina has looked for a detached life and stayed away from the spotlight. Corey has continued on from his union with Korina and Charlene Harrison, and his ongoing relationship with Tara Pasley means that another section in his life. While nothing is had some significant awareness of Korina’s own life, many know about Corey’s expert accomplishments.

His contribution in “Pawn Stars” and the prestigious Undeniably popular Gold and Silver Pawn Shop have made him an eminent and prosperous businessman.It is obvious that Korina had a decent existence with Corey, despite the fact that the subtleties of her profession and monetary status remain undisclosed.More baffling is Korina Harrison’s disposition

Korina Harrison  Wiki

Full NameKorina Harrison
Place of BirthLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
Height (in inches)5’6″
Height (in centimeters)168
Weight (in pounds)132
Weight (in kilograms)60
Body Measurements (in inches)35-28-34
Body Measurements (in centimeters)89-71-86
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourBrown
Relationship StatusDivorced
Ex-PartnerCorey Harrison

Korina Harrison Education

Many individuals are keen on Korina Harrison’s instructive foundation in spite of the secret encompassing her own life.She was brought into the world in Las Vegas, Nevada, however raised a lot of her childhood in San Diego, California. While we don’t have careful subtleties on her tutoring, we can expect that it was normal standard schooling for individuals locally.

The absence of data recommends that Korina could have esteemed her scholarly protection. Notwithstanding, everybody’s advantage in her life, including her schooling, has without a doubt been started by her association with Corey Harrison, a notable figure.

Korina Harrison Age

Because of the absence of public data with respect to Korina Harrison’s introduction to the world, her age stays obscure. Be that as it may, Corey Harrison, her previous spouse, is forty years of age. Corey was brought into the world in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 27, 1983.Because of this data, certain individuals believe that Korina and Corey are about a similar age.

Korina Harrison Height

Kiki Harrison is underweight for an individual of her level at 55 kg, standing 5 feet 3 inches tall. Besides, as indicated by a couple of records, she might have had plastic medical procedure, especially bosom increase. After her Instagram posts in 2017 showed what had all the earmarks of being bigger bosoms, this gossip arose. In any case, it’s memorable’s critical that these progressions could likewise be brought about by different things, which could prompt various speculations about what she looks like.

Korina Harrison Career

The mate of Corey Harrison, a notable American business visionary, stood out because of their cozy relationship. A significant supporter of his prosperity has been Corey’s huge impact at the undeniably popular Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. Notwithstanding his business tries, Corey is a notable person on the Set of experiences Channel series Pawn Stars. Be that as it may, finding data about the existence of Corey Harrison’s significant other preceding her relationship with him is troublesome.

Looking at her expert history in more noteworthy profundity might uncover extra insights regarding her singular process. Regardless of her association with Corey’s prospering vocation, little is had some significant awareness of any honors or respects she might have gotten. Corey Harrison’s mate and her own story could be better perceived by revealing insight into these parts of her life.

Korina Harrison Net Worth 

Regardless of carrying on with an agreeable life during her union with her ex, Korina Harrison’s expert way and monetary circumstance stay a secret. Corey Harrison, then again, her ex, has a $4 million total assets, showing his prosperity through ventures like the $385,000 property he purchased in 2011. Notwithstanding land, Corey’s enthusiasm for gathering top of the line vehicles uncovers his different advantages and princely way of life.

Korina Harrison Family

The family background of Korina Harrison has to a great extent been left well enough alone, and little is had some significant awareness of her childhood or family members. Notwithstanding, she turned out to be notable because of her union with Corey Harrison, a conspicuous American TV character. Through their relationship, Corey, who is notable for his work on the hit Program “Pawn Stars” and for his undertakings, acquainted Korina with a more extensive crowd.

It is hard to track down data about Korina’s family or any critical family impacts in her day to day existence, in spite of the consideration their marriage got. Korina has decided to stay under the radar following her separation from Corey, liking to keep her hidden life private. Insights concerning Korina’s relational peculiarities and connections are as yet a secret, regardless of the way that her ex has continued on and tracked down another accomplice in Tara Pasley. Fans and watchers have been fascinated by Korina Harrison’s baffling persona since she chose to stow away from the public eye. Her family’s ancestry has added to the secret encompassing her.

Korina Harrison Relationship

Because of the way that Korina Harrison is notable for her inclination for security, it is trying to acquire data with respect to her confidential life. She seems to have chosen to pull out from the public eye since their split. Corey, then again, has continued on and is right now dating Tara Pasley. They have been seeing someone some time now. Corey had been hitched prior to getting hitched to Korina Harrison. Charlene Harrison was his ex, and their marriage finished in 2015.

Korina Harrison Social Media

Korina Harrison doesn’t have an Instagram presence, not at all like her ex who has amassed a critical following of over 440k fans under the username @realcoreyharrison. Curiously, she appears to abstain from dynamic support on stages like Twitter and Facebook too.

Korina Harrison Divorce

Korina Harrison is dynamic via virtual entertainment and has a lot of devotees, particularly on her Instagram page. Indeed, even with her refusal to give a knowledge into her family and other confidential life issues, it discovered that she accepted a position at the Paul Club Spa and Resort in California.


Full Name: Korina Harrison

Nickname: Kiki

Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)

Religion: Christianity

Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)

Weight: 132 pounds (60 kg)

Body Measurements: 35-28-34 inches (89-71-86 cm)

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Marital Status: Divorced from Corey Harrison

Children: One child with Corey Harrison

Early Life: Raised in San Diego, California

Marriage: Married Corey Harrison, a star from “Pawn Stars,” but divorced after one year.

Education: Details about her education are not publicly known.

Career: Information about her professional career is not disclosed.

Net Worth: Her net worth is not publicly available. Her ex-husband Corey Harrison has a net worth of $4 million.

Family: Information about her family background is not widely known.

Social Media: Korina does not have a significant social media presence and is not active on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Privacy: After her divorce, Korina has chosen to stay out of the public eye and lead a private life.

Connection to Fame: Became publicly known due to her marriage to Corey Harrison from the TV show “Pawn Stars.”

Speculated Plastic Surgery: There have been rumors about her undergoing breast augmentation based on her Instagram posts in 2017.

Residence: Lived in San Diego, California, after being born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ex-Husband’s Profession: Corey Harrison is known for his role in the History Channel series “Pawn Stars” and his work at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.


Korina Harrison, known for her brief marriage to Corey Harrison from “Pawn Stars,” has kept a low profile since their divorce. Despite the public interest, much about her personal and professional life remains private. Her association with Corey has kept her in the public eye, but she prefers to stay out of the spotlight.


Q: Who is Korina Harrison?
A: Korina Harrison, also known as Kiki, is known for her marriage to Corey Harrison from the TV show “Pawn Stars.”

Q: What is Korina Harrison’s age?
A: Korina Harrison’s exact age is unknown, but she is believed to be around the same age as her ex-husband Corey Harrison, who is 40 years old.

Q: What is Korina Harrison’s net worth?
A: Korina Harrison’s net worth is not publicly known. Her ex-husband Corey Harrison has a net worth of $4 million.

Q: Is Korina Harrison active on social media?
A: No, Korina Harrison does not have a significant presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Q: What is Korina Harrison’s height and weight?
A: Korina Harrison is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 132 pounds.

Q: Did Korina Harrison have any children with Corey Harrison?
A: Yes, Korina and Corey Harrison have one child together.

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