Beyond Music: The Diverse Ventures Boosting Travis Scott’s $80 Million Net Worth

What is Travis Scott’s Net Worth?

Travis Scott, the multi-talented American skilled worker, is evaluated to have amassed an overflow of around $80 million. At the level of his livelihood, Travis was among the most liberally redressed and most notable rappers from one side of the planet to the other.

His different endeavors, particularly visiting, can get a great $40 to $60 million in a solitary year. Nonetheless, Travis confronted huge kickback following the unfortunate episode at the Astroworld Celebration in November 2021, where ten individuals lost their lives.

One viewpoint that separates Travis is his relationship with Kylie Jenner. They started dating in 2017 and presently have two kids together.

Known for his remarkable mix of hip-jump, trap, and hallucinogenic music, Travis previously acquired critical consideration with his mixtape “Owl Pharaoh” in 2013 and his development “Days Before Rodeo” in 2014.

His presentation studio collection, “Rodeo,” delivered in 2015, hardened his standing as an imaginative craftsman, highlighting hits like “Cure.” Both “Birds in the Snare Sing McKnight” (2016) and “Astroworld” (2018) got basic recognition, further raising Travis’ status in the music business.

“At the Board Music Grants, “Astroworld” was regarded with the Best Rap Collection grant and was additionally designated for Best Rap Collection at the Grammy Grants. Travis’ breakout hit, “Sicko Mode,” turned into his most memorable Board Hot 100 number-one tune.

Past music, Travis has likewise had a massive effect in the style world through organizations with significant brands like Nike, as well as an outstanding coordinated effort with Mcdonald’s, which incorporated a unique feast and product.

Who is Travis Scott?

Travis Scott, conceived Jacques Bermon Webster II on April 30, 1991, is a commonly recognized name in the realm of music. His excursion to popularity and fortune has made him a worldwide symbol, with his riches and achievement collecting far reaching acknowledgment.

One part of Travis’ life that frequently snatches titles is his relationship with Kylie Jenner, adding one more layer to his big name status. Additionally, his joint efforts with significant brands like Nike, Dior, and, surprisingly, McDonald’s have exhibited his flexibility and business astuteness past the domain of music. Obviously Travis Scott’s impact stretches out a long ways past the stage.

Early Life

Travis Scott, initially known as Jacques Berman Webster II, came into this world in Houston, Texas, on April 30, 1992. Growing up was difficult, particularly in the crude neighborhood of South Park. For the initial not many long periods of his life, he found dependability living with his grandma. However, at six, life proceeded, and he moved with his folks to Missouri City, expecting a new beginning in a calmer local area.

In the wake of finishing secondary school at Elkins Secondary School, Travis momentarily went to the College of Texas at San Antonio. Nonetheless, his enthusiasm for music before long drove him to exit during his sophomore year to seek after his melodic dreams.

In 2008, Travis collaborated with his long-term companion Christ Holloway to frame the music pair “The Alumni,” delivering an EP on Myspace. The next year, he teamed up with cohort OG Chess to shape “The Associates,” delivering two activities together.

Abandoning his school days, Travis dared to New York City, where he teamed up with his companion Mike Waxx. In any case, feeling baffled with the absence of headway, he settled on the striking choice to move to Los Angeles after only four months.

In Los Angeles, Travis confronted the difficulties of seeking after his music vocation, frequently passing out on a companion’s love seat as he kept on sharpening his art and make music.


Following the arrival of his presentation solo collection, “Owl Pharaoh,” in 2012, Travis Scott’s music vocation started to take off. Albeit the mixtape confronted a postponements because of legitimate issues, it in the end dropped in May 2013.

In September 2015, Travis delivered his most memorable studio collection, “Rodeo,” after much expectation. The collection highlighted joint efforts with top specialists in the business, including Kanye West, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Youthful Hooligan, and Quavo. “Rodeo” immediately moved to number three on the Announcement 200 diagram, getting far and wide basic recognition and business achievement.

In 2017, Travis and Quavo worked together on the joint album “Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho,” which debuted at the top of the ratings when it was released.

Travis’ third studio collection, “Astroworld,” hit the racks in 2018, turning into a great achievement. The collection’s most elevated diagramming solo single, “Sicko Mode,” further set Travis’ situation as a predominant power in the music business.

Real Estate

In 2019, Travis put $14 million in a rambling 12,000-square-foot home settled in his old neighborhood of Houston. Arranged on 1.5 sections of land inside a gated local area, this property radiates extravagance and solace, offering Travis a tranquil safe-haven in the midst of the clamoring city.

The next year, in June 2020, Travis extended his land portfolio by obtaining a radiant manor in Brentwood, Los Angeles, for a faltering $23.5 million. Not happy with only one property, he additionally gobbled up the adjoining house for almost $6 million of every 2021, further cementing his presence in the renowned area.

In a joint endeavor with Kylie Jenner, Travis made a critical interest in a rich Beverly Slopes property in October 2018, for an amount of $13.45 million. Nonetheless, by October 2022, the couple chose to head out in different directions from this perfect bequest, posting it available to be purchased at a cost barely short of $22 million.

How did Travis Scott become famous?

Travis Scott’s underlying foundations run somewhere down in Houston, Texas, where he was brought into the world as Jacques Bermon Webster II. With a dad soul performer and a granddad who was a jazz writer, music was essentially in his DNA. As a youngster, he found comfort and cadence behind the drum pack, lighting an enthusiasm for thumps and tunes since early on.

The moniker “Scott” in his stage name gives recognition to, in all honesty, the compelling rapper Scott “Youngster Cudi” Mescudi, who presented to him his uncle’s name as his very own feature. Growing up, Travis and his companions fiddled with different melodic endeavors, in any event, making that big appearance in school theater creations, sharpening their specialty and investigating their imaginative potential.

After graduating secondary school at the young age of 17, Travis at first selected at the College of Texas at San Antonio. Be that as it may, his heart was set on an alternate way, and he before long deserted his university interests to drench himself in the realm of music completely. From the beginning of sharing his music on the now-amazing stage MySpace in 2008, Travis stayed committed to his art, freely creating his sound for a really long time.

In 2012, destiny mediated when rapper T.I. coincidentally found one of Travis’ tracks and perceived his irrefutable ability. This fortunate experience prompted Travis’ first mixtape discharge, “Owl Pharaoh,” denoting the start of his rising in the music business. Before long, he grabbed the eye of, in all honesty, Kanye West, marking with his prestigious G.O.O.D. Music mark and hardening his position in the hip-jump scene.

While Travis had previously gathered a committed following among hip-jump enthusiasts, it was his jolting exhibition at Coachella in 2017 that shot him into the standard spotlight, spellbinding crowds a long ways past the limits of the rap world.

Rise to global recognition

Travis Scott, referred to offstage as Jacques Bermon Webster II, has caused disturbances in the music business with his extraordinary mix of sounds and styles. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Travis went out on a limb by passing on school to seek after his enthusiasm for music full-time. His assurance paid off when he handled a gig as an in-house maker for Kanye West’s famous mark, G.O.O.D. Music.

Under Kanye’s mentorship, Travis sharpened his art and cut out his own melodic specialty, mixing air and lo-fi components with conventional hip-jump beats. Enlivened by any semblance of Kanye West and Youngster Cudi, Travis created a sound that gathered basic praise and an enormous following.

The association among Travis and Youngster Cudi runs profound, with Youngster Cudi’s stage name giving recognition to Travis himself and Youngster Cudi’s genuine name, Scott Mescudi. In 2015, Travis soar to superstardom with the arrival of his presentation collection, “Rodeo,” which took off to number two on the Announcement 200 graph.

From that point forward, Travis has piled up various honors and delivered outline besting singles, cementing his status as a social symbol. Past music, he’s extended his realm by establishing his own record name, Desert flora Jack Records, and teaming up with significant brands.

While Travis’ expert achievement has been evident, his own life has likewise caught titles, especially his relationship with socialite Kylie Jenner. Regardless of inviting two kids together, two or three has since headed out in a different direction, adding one more layer to Travis’ story in the public eye.

Topping music charts

Travis Scott’s profession took off higher than ever in 2015 with the arrival of his major-name debut collection, “Rodeo.” Following quite a while of difficult work and determination, the collection appeared at number one on the Bulletin Rap Collections diagram and arrived at a great number three on the US Board 200 graph.

Following the outcome of “Rodeo,” Travis hit the road with “The Rodeo Visit,” dazzling crowds in major U.S. urban communities with his charging exhibitions. The visit was raised much further with exceptional visitor appearances by music heavyweights like Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Birdman.

In 2023, Travis divulged his profoundly expected collection, “Perfect world,” highlighting a heavenly setup of coordinated efforts with symbols like Beyoncé and The Weeknd. Not satisfied with simply overcoming the music world, Travis extended his innovative skylines by making his first time at the helm with the melodic movie “Carnival Maximus,” where he assumed the jobs of essayist, chief, and star.

Nonetheless, Travis didn’t avoid communicating his disappointment during his presentation at the 2024 Grammys. In the midst of the glamour and excitement of the occasion, Travis mixed discussion by yelling, “They rested on me multiple times!” while belting out the track “FE! N.” This strong assertion alluded to his ten Grammy designations without a success. Notwithstanding the failure, Travis’ collection “Ideal world” was still in the running for the renowned Grammy Grant for Best Rap Collection, displaying his proceeded with effect and impact in the music business.

Producer’s role

Travis Scott’s gifts stretch out past his own music, as he’s teamed up with a different scope of specialists, influencing various collections and melodies. From working with legends like Jay-Z and Madonna to collaborating with visionary craftsmen like Kanye West, Travis has shown what him can do as a flexible and sought-after co-maker.

One champion second in his vocation was his contribution as a co-maker on Rihanna’s raving success single “B**** Better Have My Cash.” His imaginative info helped shape the track into the graph besting song of praise that resounded with fans around the world.

Travis’ capacity to team up flawlessly across various sorts and with specialists of fluctuating styles says a lot about his flexibility and impact in the music business.

Other ventures

Travis Scott’s impact reaches out past music into the universe of design, where his particular style has drawn in significant brands like Been Quaver, Precious stone Stockpile Co., and A Washing Primate (BAPE). His capacity to mix very good quality design with streetwear has gathered consideration and profound respect from style devotees around the world.

Scott’s joint efforts with famous names like Holy person Laurent and Helmut Lang have brought about novel and restrictive assortments, displaying his imagination and in vogue reasonableness.

In 2020, Scott stood out as truly newsworthy with his organization with Mcdonald’s, where he made a restricted release signature dinner and a line of co-marked stock. This notable arrangement, assessed at $20 million, showed Scott’s capacity to rise above customary limits and associate with crowds in creative ways.

Further growing his span, Scott collaborated with Nike and Sony on a unique PlayStation-themed project, which included selective product, for example, the unreleased Nike Dunk Low. Moreover, he was selected as a vital imaginative accomplice for Sony, teaming up to advance the PlayStation 5 control center and further hardening his impact in both the gaming and design ventures.

Music Career

Travis Scott’s melodic excursion started with the mixtape “Owl Pharaoh,” his most memorable performance full-length project, which was at first planned for nothing download in 2012. Nonetheless, because of test freedom issues, its delivery was deferred until May 2013 when it at long last opened up on the iTunes store. In spite of this difficulty, Scott kept on making music and perform, displaying his abilities at occasions like the 2014 South by Southwest (SXSW) live show in Austin, Texas.

In August 2014, he circled back to his second mixtape, “Days Before Rodeo,” prior to delivering his presentation studio collection, “Rodeo,” in September 2015. This collection highlighted coordinated efforts with a ritzy setup including Quavo, Delicious J, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Swae Lee, and Justin Bieber, and got both basic recognition and business achievement, appearing at number three on the US Board 200 diagram.

Expanding on this energy, Scott delivered his second studio collection, “Birds in the Snare Sing McKnight,” in September 2016, which turned into his most memorable number-one collection on the US Bulletin 200 diagram. That very month, he likewise marked a worldwide agreement with Widespread Music Distributing Gathering, further cementing his situation in the music business.

Before releasing his highly anticipated third solo album, “Astroworld,” in August 2018, Scott worked with Quavo of the hip-hop group Migos on the collaborative album “Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho,” which was released in December 2017. “Sicko Mode,” the album’s second single, became his highest charting solo single to date, peaking at number one on the Board Hot 100 list.

Scott has been a successful manufacturer and artisan throughout his career, collaborating with a wide range of experts like Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna. “Bitch Better Have My Cash,” a popular song by Rihanna, is included among his creative credits.

Scott’s ability and difficult work have acquired him various honors, including Individuals’ Winner Grant at the 2016 BET Hip Jump Grants and the Top Streaming Melody (Sound) grant at the 2019 Announcement Music Grants for “Sicko Mode.” He has additionally gotten numerous Grammy selections for his commitments to the music business, establishing his status as perhaps of the most compelling figure in contemporary hip-bounce.

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Between September 2017 and September 2018, Travis Scott saw a huge lift in his profit, rounding up a cool $20 million from a blend of visiting, record deals, and his worthwhile underwriting manage Nike. This amazing pay impelled him into the positions of the main 15 most generously compensated rappers worldwide for that year.

The next year, from June 2018 to June 2019, Scott’s profit took off much higher, coming to a great $60 million. A lot of this abundance came from his stunningly fruitful Astroworld visit, which pulled in a faltering $65 million in income.

In spite of the difficulties presented by the pandemic, Scott’s monetary achievement proceeded, with him taking one more $40 million from June 2019 to June 2020. His capacity to reliably produce such significant pay highlights his status as perhaps of the most worthwhile and sought-after craftsman in the music business.

Other Pursuits

In August 2019, Travis Scott’s narrative film “Look Mother I Can Fly” hit Netflix screens, offering fans a close look into his life and profession venture. Close by his music tries, Scott has produced organizations with different brands, exhibiting his flexibility and impact.

His coordinated effort with Nike started in 2017 with a component in a Nike crusade advancing the VaporMax shoe. This association picked up speed with the arrival of the Travis Scott x Nike Flying corps 1 tennis shoe in December 2017, trailed by the profoundly expected Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 “Desert flora Jack” in June 2018. Ensuing deliveries like the Travis Scott x Nike Flying corps 1 “Sail” in August 2018 and the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk in February 2020 hardened his status as a design symbol.

Scott’s introduction to mold reaches out past footwear. In mid-2017, he worked together with design brand Helmut Lang on a case assortment roused by his Texan roots. His impact in the style world was further exhibited when he featured in Holy person Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2019 promoting effort.

Notwithstanding his style attempts, Scott’s association in different business projects has additionally earned consideration. He featured in a Samsung business in 2018, which had a Fortnite subject and highlighted well known decoration Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Besides, extravagance house Holy person Laurent delivered the music video for his 2019 track “Can’t Say,” with Scott contributing his full closet to the undertaking.

Through these coordinated efforts and adventures, Travis Scott has not just cemented his spot in the music business however has likewise set up a good foundation for himself as an unmistakable figure in style and business organizations.

Personal Life

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, an unscripted television character and money manager, began their heartfelt excursion in April 2017. Their relationship immediately caught public consideration, and on February 1, 2018, they invited their little girl, Stormi Webster, into the world.

Nonetheless, regardless of their underlying satisfaction, the couple confronted difficulties in their relationship. In September 2019, they settled on the hard decision to head out in a different direction and formally finished their heartfelt organization. While their time together gave them the pleasure of life as a parent, they at last picked various ways for their future.

Social Media Presence

Travis Scott’s excursion to acclaim and fortune has been extraordinarily affected by his canny utilization of online entertainment. Everything started with his 2013 mixtape “Owl Pharaoh,” which assisted him with getting some forward movement on the web. From that point forward, Travis has turned into an amazing powerhouse on stages like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

He’s become amazing at drawing in with his fans and keeping them refreshed on his most recent ventures, whether it’s new music discharges, impending event dates, or selective product drops. Travis knows how to use his web-based presence to interface with his crowd and construct serious areas of strength for a base.

Perhaps of the most striking joint effort that rose up out of his web-based entertainment ability was his organization with Nike and Mcdonald’s, which brought about the making of a restricted release feast. This cooperation displayed Travis’ impact as well as shown his capacity to transform online buzz into certifiable open doors.


Travis Scott’s estimated net worth is around $80 million, making him one of the most successful and highest-paid rappers globally.

His income primarily comes from touring, record sales, and lucrative endorsement deals, earning him between $40 to $60 million in a single year.

Despite facing criticism following the tragic incident at the Astroworld Festival in November 2021, Travis Scott’s wealth and fame remain substantial.

His relationship with Kylie Jenner, whom he began dating in 2017 and shares two children with, adds another layer to his celebrity status.

Travis Scott’s success extends beyond music, with significant collaborations in the fashion industry, including partnerships with Nike, Dior, and even McDonald’s.


Travis Scott, born Jacques Berman Webster II on April 30, 1992, has risen to prominence as a rapper, musician, and record producer. His estimated net worth of $80 million reflects his immense success in the music industry, bolstered by his multiple talents and strategic collaborations. Despite facing challenges, such as the Astroworld Festival incident, Travis Scott’s influence and wealth remain substantial, further propelled by his high-profile relationship with Kylie Jenner and his ventures in fashion and business.


How much is Travis Scott’s net worth? 

Travis Scott’s estimated net worth is around $80 million, primarily earned through his successful career in music, lucrative endorsement deals, and strategic partnerships.

What are Travis Scott’s main sources of income? 

Travis Scott earns his income primarily from touring, record sales, and endorsement deals. Additionally, his collaborations with brands like Nike and McDonald’s contribute significantly to his wealth.

How did Travis Scott’s net worth change after the Astroworld Festival incident? 

Despite facing criticism following the Astroworld Festival incident in November 2021, Travis Scott’s net worth remains substantial. While the incident may have impacted his reputation, his financial success has not seen significant downturn.

Does Travis Scott’s net worth include his earnings from fashion collaborations? 

Yes, Travis Scott’s net worth includes earnings from his collaborations in the fashion industry. His partnerships with brands like Nike and Dior have contributed to his overall wealth and influence.

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